I am a painter and digital artist. I work predominantly with oils on canvas to create my paintings as well using my iPad for digital art works , ideas and illustrations.

My paintings and digital art work are inspired by political, environmental and current affairs, conflicts and social inequalities that affect our everyday lives. The use of colour is very important to me, it often  juxtaposes the importance of a more serious subject matter. The colours can draw the viewer into the playful, humorous and sometimes child like wold, only to find a more serious content within.


I have recently embarked on some mini landscapes using oil paint on board. They are  inspired by places I‘ve visited, and look forward to visiting again. I’ve enjoyed using a limited  colour palette to create this work.


My digital flowers  demonstrate the skills I have  acquired over the years from painting, drawing, and the ability to approach the use of colour with confidence. Each piece is individual, built up of many layers of drawing, colour and mark-making, which allows the piece to look exactly like a traditional painting.

My digital art work and oil paintings work harmoniously together. They feed into new, exciting creative ideas.

All work is for sale.